qoroz is the result of a lifetime's passion for cycling and precision engineering experience in the aerospace and metrology industries.

qoroz was created in 2008 by parent company Aberlink Innovative Metrology following years of dedication to the sport of cycling by founder and chief engineer, Marcus Eales. Aberlink is the largest UK owned co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer. CMM's are used extensively throughout the aerospace, automotive/autosport, electronics and medical industries - safety critical fields where precision engineering is a pre-requisite. We bring this same understanding and precision engineering to our titanium bike frames and components, ensuring excellence at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

When you're used to measuring turbine blades for jet engines, on CMM's that measure to just a few microns accuracy, you don’t expect to have to fettle bikes together, they should fit precisely. Every component we design is painstakingly optimised using Finite Element Analysis and we're always striving for perfect performance. And because the rider is such an integral part of this perfect performance, we can customise any of our frames to fit you precisely, creating perfect harmony and effortless efficiency.

We don't manufacture one bike for one particular class of cycling, we simply design and make the best bike to suit your needs. All of our titanium frames come with a lifetime guarantee. This will be the last bike you'll ever need to buy, don’t settle for second best.

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