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Steve Coombes - Travel Won

"After an exhaustive search for the optimum travel bike, having decided that a full size road bike, with full size wheels, was the way ahead, ideally with SS couplings and a titanium frame, I came across qoroz. Not only did they produce a bike that fitted my criteria, they were also fairly local for good to be true? After a visit to qoroz, including a test ride with Chris Davies, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. I placed an order for the Travel Won and Rimowa aluminium case pretty much there and then!"

"After 9 months of ownership, a fair few miles (including a recent Lands End to John O'Groats ride in 8 days) and having travelled extensively with the bike I feel able to offer a frank review of the bike."

"The ride and handling are superb, you would never know that there are couplings in the frame. Comfortable over long distances, yet responsive and on rails for those times the hammer is down or on fast descents (hit 54 mph on a downhill on the LEJOG, with rear rack loaded with kit!). The only advice I would offer Travel Won riders is to carry the coupling spanner and regularly check the bottom coupling, as it can loosen as a result of vibration during a long ride............something that initially caused me some concern, but with a bit of plumbers PTFE tape on the threads the problem has largely disappeared - only had to tweek the bottom coupling once during the 970 miles of the LEJOG, and that was after a very long section of rough road."

"Building the bike out of the case takes about 20-25 minutes when practiced, and same again when packing (although I tend to clean it when dismantling and packing which takes a bit longer). I have added some extra packing material in the form of a thin blanket between 'layers' of frame and wheels, including pouches for brake calipers and rear derailleur, to provide additional protection and prevent scratching."

"The case with bike, tools and a few bits of riding kit always weighs in at under 18kg. I have to admit to a certain trepidation every time I hand over such an expensive bit of kit to the airlines and their agricultural baggage handlers, but the Rimowa case has done a good job despite collecting a few bashes and minor dents. In fact Rimowa (through qoroz) replaced a badly dented wheel for the case free of charge."

"I cannot fault the customer service I have received from Chris and the team at qoroz, a real breath of fresh air to deal with such a helpful, patient and enthusiastic outfit - just as you would want it to be, but so seldom is."

"In sum, if you want to travel with you bike, want a top quality ride and first class customer service and back up buy a qoroz Travel Won. It is a sound investment."

Tom McPhail - Road Won

After his first 100-mile ride (Lionheart sportive) on his custom-made Road Won, Tom McPhail had this to say:

"The bike felt fantastic and whilst my ride partner and I were taking it pretty gently, on the occasions when we did put the power down the bike responded beautifully. It flew up the hills, the handling felt responsive and tight but not too twitchy. Best of all, even after hours in the saddle, I had none of the usual aches and stiffness in my upper body that I had come to associate with a long day out. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it; many admiring comments too, from colleagues and even from my 16 year old downhill riding son who wouldn't be seen dead on a road bike."

qoroz note: Tom came to us with specific requirements. He had off-the-peg carbon framed bikes, but wanted a bike he could ride for long hours without compromising performance. After an initial test ride on our large-sized stock Road Won, we agreed what would best suit him. We created a full engineering drawing for his critique. A few tweaks here and there and we agreed on a final design for his style of riding. Being 193cm tall, we settled on a 60.5cm effective top tube, 41.5cm chain stay length, 72-degree seat tube and 72.5-degree head tube angles. The rest was based upon our stock large-sized Road Won frame geometry, giving Tom a compact frame for his height. The final fitting session and test ride fine tuned saddle, bar and lever positions. Tom's bike is equipped with a compact Ultegra groupset, Ritchey Pro Carbon forks, a Dura Ace C35 wheelset and our finishing kit (Ti bar stem and seat post).

Sam Mashford - Race Won

Sam Mashford reflects on his qoroz Race Won purchase:

"After witnessing the qoroz Road Won do a quick 6,600km lap of the UK coastline on The Great Tour last summer, and seeing how well it handled everything thrown at it, I knew what my next bike would be. In October 2010 I got my hands on my qoroz Mountain Won, an absolutely amazing bike. As soon as I had the funds, I got myself the qoroz Race Won to go with it. Since August 2011 I've ridden the Race Won almost daily on my 44 mile round trip to work, and I have to say it truly is a spectacular bike to ride. The first day I got on it I was 5 minutes faster each way than the carbon Argon before it. Purchased with the aim to use it as a commuter throughout the summer, now the bad weathers setting in, I'm still on it and have no intention of putting it away. Headwinds, crosswinds and rain, it's still a beautiful bike to ride, one that feels like it will never let you down. Nearly 2000 miles in and I'm still loving every moment on it. With the frame guaranteed for life, it's an investment I'm glad I made."

Tony - Road Won

Retired Tony reflects on his purchase of a qoroz Road Won through Big Peaks in Ashburton:

"Prior to buying this bike I gave the matter a lot of thought. I wanted a really good road bike which would give me enjoyment in riding over what is, to me, the difficult hilly terrain of Devon. I wanted a bike that was geared for these conditions and that would be comfortable to ride, I felt that, psychologically, a good quality bike would encourage me to push myself that bit harder. I needed advice and, after contacting several suppliers and being rather disappointed with their response, I conducted further research and came across Chris at qoroz. I was very impressed and he arranged for a test ride at Bigpeaks in Ashburton. The guys at Bigpeaks really looked after me, changing components before and after a test ride to ensure my requirements were met. I placed an order there and then, and after owning the bike for several weeks I'm really pleased. I feel the extra expense for a really good product has been well worth the money. Although only a pleasure cyclist, I can appreciate the class of this bike and it really does give me the incentive to ride what, in the past, were dream distances."

Mike Sweeney - Road Won

Having just taken delivery of his Mountain Won and Road Won, Mike Sweeney of Australia said:

"I haven't ridden the MTB as yet and had my very first ride on the road bike last Sunday... I entered our local cycling club's weekend handicap road-race (Echuca-Moama Cycling Club - I gently rode the 40kms out to the neighbouring town of Rushworth for the start of the race, taking my time to get the "feel" of the bike, the gearing etc. I duly registered for the 65km handicap event; having been riding in the same Club for over 20 years and getting to stand on the podium only a handful of times, and only once for actually winning. The handicapper is good to me because I haven't been doing much riding - nevertheless our group sets off and the 'qoroz' is flying like a dream... so much so that I won the entire event... sensational stuff! The first ride ever for a 'qoroz' in Australia and it takes first place!! Mate I love this bike - where has it been all my life?? Fellow competitors are demanding a urine sample!!"

David Jacobs - Race Won

Having owned a qoroz Race Won for several months, David Jacobs had this to say:

"I started training regularly with a local road club last season, and was amazed as to how many guys there were riding on repaired carbon frames! When I eventually got the cash together to buy a new bike I knew it had to be titanium. On researching the UK titanium racing bike scene the qoroz 'Race Won' seemed like the best option on paper, I'm glad to say that having had the bike for several months, I haven't regretted my decision at any point. Buying a bike of this calibre isn't something I do often, and once I had met Chris and some of the qoroz race team I instantly appreciated how the bikes have evolved and what was already excellent service became a very bespoke service. Now I have my own 'Race Won' it's purposeful design, quality and detail of finish always provoke admiring looks and questions from competitors and spectators alike, and whilst I can answer their questions well, it's true to say that you won't really appreciate a qoroz until you've ridden one..."

Mark Turner - Road Won

Upon returning home, after picking up his qoroz Road Won, with Ultegra groupset, Mark Turner said:

"Thanks again for your help with the selection, testing and setting up, etc. I have not just enjoyed the thrill of choosing my bike but also the whole buying experience, including the testing at Castle Combe race circuit. I am like a kid in a sweet shop at the moment. I had to have a quick ride when I got home, seeing as I still had my qoroz cycle shorts on, and again this morning. Thank-you for going the "extra mile" (no pun intended) in helping me with my first and, I am sure, the only road bike I will ever need."

Graham Jackson - Road Won w/XTR

After taking delivery of his qoroz Road Won with XTR groupset, Graham Jackson had this to say:

"I have taken delivery of my 'Road Won' frameset from Bigpeaks equipped with XTR 30/44 with straight bars. It is just brilliant and I am so pleased that my gamble on the gearing has paid off, a fantastic frame equipped for the Devon hills."

Alistair Cope - Mountain Won

"I spent 9 weeks (6600km) without a day off last year cycling around the UK coastline on a qoroz Road Won, it was brilliant and so the first thing I did when I got back was to buy a qoroz Mountain Won for a tour in Morocco!"

Alistair Cope - Great Tour Cyclist

Tim Kirk - Race Won

Having owned a qoroz Race Won for three years (then branded Leggero), Tim recently had this to say:

"qoroz was my first step into titanium and has been my last step away from carbon, these bikes are amazing! My qoroz rides smooth and comfortable, with great power put down - It's built for miles. The qoroz team in Gloucestershire, and the U23 lads who actually compete in the prem calendar on qoroz bikes, are a great bunch of people and very helpful."

Graham - Road Won (brushed titanium finish) with Shimano Ultegra Groupset

"I am delighted with my qoroz Road Won.

The buying process could not have been better. Shortly after my enquiry a test ride was arranged when I rode both the Road and Race Won. I was accompanied by Marcus, the bikes designer, so was able to discuss the design and the thinking behind it. I am familiar with the metrology products of parent company Aberlink and the same attention to detail and innovation that Aberlink is known for are evident on the qoroz bikes. They also look great. Although both bikes appealed the Road Won best fitted my intended aims and I felt immediately at home. The handling was fast but familiar and left me feeling I could ride it all day. I had a huge grin at the end of the test ride and it was certainly hard to hand the bikes back.

After some pondering the decision to buy came down to the attention to detail, the ride qualities, the looks and the excellent finishing kit (Chris King headset, titanium stem and seatpost, 50mm rim wheels). After discussion of the specification the bike was delivered and it looked absolutely fantastic. To ensure the set up was just right I was accompanied on a ride by Chris, who observed me riding, suggested improvements and made changes to my position so I could compare the difference. All of which gave me a chance to optimise the set up. This whole process was definitely nothing like a mail order purchase and ensured the bike was exactly right for me. It was that personal touch that made the difference and demonstrates qoroz's commitment to achieving the very best from the bike.

Overall it's been really enjoyable acquiring the Road Won. Having spoken to Marcus about the careful design thinking and also achieved the best possible set up (thanks to Chris) I am comfortable I've got the best bike for me and can't wait to get some miles in.

I also recommend the qoroz clothing (bib-shorts, long sleeved top and legwarmers) which have proved very comfortable."

Sam Mashford - Mountain Won

Within days of taking delivery of the qoroz Mountain Won, Sam Mashford said:

"The bike is incredible, been out on it seven times now. It kinda just makes you want to keep riding. It's so well balanced as well, it is just an amazing bike to ride - loving it."

"Weighs next to nothing and is an amazingly smooth ride"

Read more from Maria:

"Impeccable titanium frame which is just beautiful and oozes style"
"Perfectly balanced and poised"

Read more from Daniel:

"I purchased a model race won. I want to commend the quality of the frame. I need also to report that the company Alpa instruments and especially Luca Barzachi were always very kind and competent."

David, L'Aquila, Italy

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